Interview with Dr. Bernard Lown (American cardiologist. Co-founder of PSR and of IPPNW)

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Weapon control, disarmament and demilitarizationHealth diplomacy, communication and conflict resolution
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Stephan Kolb
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IPPNW, prevention of nuclear war, prevention of war, doctor's peace capacity, role and responsibility. What was the strength of the doctors movement (IPPNW)? What about “imagination the real”? What about the role of the medical profession?
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Parts of this interview with Dr. Bernard Lown (Co-founder of IPPNW)are used for the Medical Peace Work trailer and e-learning case 3.2 Primacy to primary prevention. Duration (min.) 6:02. Soundproblem. Coding Information: WMV, Audio: WM Audio 9, 64 kbit, 44kHz, Stereo; Video: WM Video 9, 364 kbit, 480x360 Copyright notes: © 2008. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for noncommercial reproduction, translation and distribution of the video, as long as is given credit. does not guarantee that the information in this video is complete and correct and shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of its use.