Available courses for health workers in peace issues

War, violence and health

Course level / degree:
Graduate (more than three years of higher education or Master-Level)Post-graduate
Related fields of medical peace work:
Refugee and migration challengesWeapon control, disarmament and demilitarizationSustainable development and poverty reductionTrauma healing and reconciliationHuman rights and International humanitarian lawSocial justice and equal access to medicines and health servicesCivil protection and human securityHealth diplomacy, communication and conflict resolution
Target groups:
Medical StudentsNursing studentsOther health profession studentsPhysiciansNursesOther health professionals
University of Bergen
Main Topics:
links between war, violence and health; structural violence, underlying causes of violent conflict, consequences of war and violence, the role of health personnel in prevention of violence, rehabilitation and reconciliation, human rights and international
Summarize how peace and health are related and justify why violence poses a public health problem. Debate the term structural violence, give examples of structural violence, and propose strategies that may alleviate structural violence. Critically questio
Good working knowledge of English (TOEFL score of at least 550 points paper-based or 213 points computer-based, or an equivalent approved test). Students admitted to a Master's Degree Programme may join this course (e.g. tropEd network).
Open to external students or non members:
Elective or obligatory:
2 weeks
Contact hours:
1 week
Teaching Methodologies:
Interactive presentations by lecturers, panel and group discussions, role play, films, self-study (papers and on-line courses) and an individual written assignment. The four electronic Medical Peace Work courses provide necessary background information t
Contact Details:
Centre for International Health; Tel.: +47 55588560; e-mail: studie.cih@uib.no
Other comments:
The students must complete four online Medical Peace Work courses http://www.medicalpeacework.org (course 1, 3, 4 and 5 - estimated to require four days of work) before they attend the five days with face-to-face teaching and group work from the 15th to the 19th April 2013. At the very end the students will spend one day writing a home assignment on the refugee situation in the participants’ own country or a country of choice. The deadline for application is 15th October 2012.