The development of the Medical Peace Work courses and teaching material would not have been possible without the contribution of many people. We wish to thank everybody for their time and commitment.

Beside of the reference group we want to mention in particular the following individuals:

For developing the e-learning cases

  • Helene Gram (Manuscript editor)
  • Ole Andrè Hauge (Graphic design)
  • Arne Thomas Lund Nilsen (Interactive developer)
  • Pauline Burman (Narrator)
  • Sam Engelstad (Author)
  • Hanna Mollan (Author and film production)
  • Kerstin Stellermann (Author)
  • Philipp Bornschlegl (Film designer and graphic editor)
  • Barbara Paulus (Actor - Sister Michele)
  • Claus Friedrich (Actor - Dr Baker)
  • Ates Gürpinar (Actor - Mr Singer)
  • Hans Batz (Camera)
  • Maria Kett (Actor - teacher)
  • Kumba (Actor - Joyce)
  • Jim Lemkin, Horse Mountain Institute, USA (Interviews with Marshall Rosenberg)

For giving interviews

  • Prof Johan Galtung
  • Susannah Sirkin
  • Dr Robert Lifton
  • Maria van den Muijsenbergh
  • Dr Robin Coupland
  • Dr Bernard Lown
  • Dr Gerry Kremer
  • Mary B. Anderson
  • Monika Hauser
  • Linda Doull
  • Abdul Kareem Alobaidi
  • Natalia Spassova
  • Jerome Pfaffman
  • Dr Jack Piachaud
  • Dr Günther Niklewski

For editing the textbooks

  • Jane Salvage
  • Mike Rowson

For editing the standardized questions

  • Caecilie Buhmann

For administrating the online course plattforms (Learning Management System)

  • Hans Beck
  • Vegard Johansen

For coordinating the course database

  • Kristina Horn
  • Inga Grundke
  • Anne Martin

For pilot testing of chapters

  • Dr Tordis Sørensen Høifødt
  • Ole Kristian Losvik
  • Mari Jetlund
  • Anne Karin Ullebø
  • Yvonne Constantin
  • Jessical Maltha
  • Eva Maria Schwienhorst
  • Dr Charles David Tauber
  • Prof T. Varagunam
  • Sara Frenzen
  • Brkic Milica
  • Katerina Znachko

For evaluation and valorization activities

  • Kristin Scharffscher (Valorisation councillor)
  • Johanna Norenhag
  • Sven Hessmann
  • Stian Andreassen
  • Yngvar Natland
  • Percy Oware
  • Trine Sørensen
  • Vidar Anderssen

For coordinating the project Medical Peace Work 2

  • Magnus Engeset

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