Next round of MPW MOOCs in January 2020

Our two moderated MPW MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), offered by the University of Bergen, Norway, are now open for enrolment. Each course runs over a 3-weeks period, and requires approximately 3-hours attention per week:

Global Health, Conflict and Violence (starting January 6th, 2020) will give you a perspective how you can

  • Work in a conflict zone
  • Respond to nuclear weapons
  • Prepare for the health effects of climate change

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Addressing Violence in Patient Care (starting January 27th, 2020) will help you to

  • Recognise and respond to domestic violence in clinical practice.
  • Provide appropriate healthcare for refugees.
  • Recognise and help in healing victims of torture.

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These MOOCs are moderated and taught with expert instructors. They use a case-based learning approach, and you will gain from the shared reflections and experiences of the other participants.

Please join in to this exciting peer learning process help us and spread the word!

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