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Learn how war and human rights violations affect health.

Discover your unique role as a health worker.

Speak out for the prevention of violence and promotion of peace. 


As medical professionals we care for the life, health and wellbeing of our patients. Violence, weapons and war cause enormous suffering and misery, and endanger what is important for us.

It is therefore our professional responsibility to work towards the prevention of violence and the promotion of peace, human rights and human security.


Medical Peace Work is a transdisciplinary field of expertise in health work, violence prevention and peace building.

Medical Peace Work is a partnership of medical organizations and teaching institutions committed to the development of this new field of expertise.

Medical Peace Work is also seven online courses and a collection of teaching resources for medical peace education. You can find them here on this website.


The role of physicians and other health workers in the preservation and promotion of peace is the most significant factor for the attainment of health for all.

World Health Assembly, Resolution 34.38, 1981


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